Boiled Wool Slippers


Never have cold feet



Never have cold feet! These 100 % Wool Slippers have been felted into a thick, soft slipper. I have applied a flexible layer of silicone to the underside to prevent slipping and to increase wear. Besides using them as house slippers, some use them as bed socks as they stay on well and keep your toes toasty. Wear them cuff-up or down. The grey wool is from my sheep, that I have sheared, spun, knit and felted. Machine wash cold and gentle, Shape to your foot, and air dry.  Do you need a customized slipper?  Just send me a tracing of the bottom of your foot and your ankle measurements.  I’ll make those up at the same price as my regular slippers.  Want a double dose of silicone on the bottom?  Add $1.00

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