About The Farm

Fresh from our farm to your table…

Great Northern Farm is where Wendy and Rich raise the livestock for Meadow Raised Meats. Great Northern Farm is a 165 acre farm in upstate New York, about 1 hour south east of Syracuse, and has about 60 acres of grazing land and the rest woodland. Beef, pork, lamb, veal, chicken, turkey and brown egg layers are raised on pasture, without any antibiotics or hormones.  The beef and lamb are completely grass finished, while the other livestock are supplemented with an organic, GMO free grain mix.  We focus on providing a natural environment for livestock to develop at their own pace and on the foods that their bodies are built to utilize.  Livestock are rotated over the farm and neighboring grass land, so that they are always on fresh clean pasture during the grazing season.  During the winter, the sheep and beef are fed hay that is harvested from local meadows.

Wendy and Rich have farmed all our lives and we are now in our 60s.  Additionally Rich has been a career agricultural educator and Wendy was a Registered Nurse. We met in 2013 and married in 2015.  Farming is something we both have in us.  Great Northern Farm is our passion. We do all of the work ourselves.  Our meats are processed at a local meat packer, NY Custom Processing in Bridgewater, NY or Purdy’s Foods in Sherburne, NY. Poultry is harvested at the farm.

Meat is sold directly at the farm (by appointment), at the Regional Market in Syracuse on Saturday’s year-round, 7 a.m. til 1 p.m., and shipped FedEx to your door via Meadow Raised Meats.

Thanks for visiting Great Northern Farm.  If you travel this direction, you can make an appointment to visit the farm in reality. The farm is not set up as a petting zoo or as a tourist “destination”.  Great Northern Farm is a very busy, old-fashioned farm and you might very well get put to work when you arrive!